vendredi 10 février 2017

Are series my Oxygen?

Hello everyone, so today i"m going to talk about series, something that waste eighty percent of my free time.
 I"m fond of  series because i"m the kind of people who likes suspens and by the way I can"t get enough of it so from time to time,it happens to me to chain up over twenty episode till midnight ...
From "NARCOS" to "TWILIGHT", I like series in general but my love for series is thanks to my cousin who influenced me when i was twelve, I started watching with him mangas as DBZ and NARUTO, then series on netflix like Gomorra and Narcos, but now i prefer to watch tv reality shows as les Anges and les Marseillais...
Now I"ll tell you more about a serie that gave me goos bumps... and it's "GAME OF THRONES"
Unlike most TV shows the narrative moves forward relatively slowly. The producers take their time and do it right: they build tension and create a compelling world filled with interesting characters.
This serie is visually addictive to the pointthat you can't look away, meanwhile, they develop both story arcs and character arcs so when stuff does happen, you're choked...

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mardi 3 janvier 2017

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 oh cool. nice but i prefer french rapper as jul or pnl