dimanche 27 mars 2016

Can we honestly live without technology again? Maybe some of us, but I would think the majority of the population (in the countries that have become tech users at least) would not be able to make this transition easily. We (myself included) have become technology dependent, so much that we often fail to realize it. Could we endure the summers heat without air conditioning? Or the winters cold without heat? More over could we adapt to a world without electricity? I don't think I could. I'm miserable in hot or cold weather. What about your car? I would not want to have to walk everywhere I need to. And who could go for more than a week without a phone? Let's face it, we take technology for granted. Yes it makes our life easier, but I question if we really could live without all technology offers us?
and for me the ansewer is NO because these technologies are very useful!
hope you enjoy it!

                                                                                     AAMRAN MOHAMED